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Name: Caremark
Address: Unit 3 Gray Office Park, Headford Road, Galwa
  Unit 3 Gray Office Park, Headford Road, Galwa
Village: Hamfields
Town: Berkeley
County: Gloucestershire
Postcode: H91
Fax: 014054776
Telephone: 014054775
About Us:  Caremark
The caremark story began in 1987, when kevin lewis entered the care industry, setting up a care home in brighton and hove in england. in 1993 kevin was invited by social services in the uk to diversify his activities into the provision of home care, which rapidly achieved impressive growth. while demand increased, it became apparent that the regulation of home care needed to develop alongside it. a part of this development was to devise and implement appropriate operational systems, policies and procedures. the outcome of this strategy saw the introduction of the very first operations manual. this helped to ensure the delivery of quality care, appropriate monitoring and reporting systems, recruiting and policing, vetting and training standards.
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