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Name: Bootcamp Weight Loss
Address: Heydour House, Church Leys
Village: Oasby
Town: Grantham
County: Lincolnshire
Postcode: NG32 3NG
Telephone: 01529455818
About Us:  Bootcamp Weight Loss
"open every week of the year team bootcamp uk aim to revolutionize the uk fitness boot camp industry with a radical new 3-dimensional approach to hard, no compromise training on the outside. gentle and relaxing on the inside… definitely the best boot camp. team mix paleo (aka cavemen / primal) nutrition with training science, enhanced with psychological and spiritual support to deliver results that last for good. long termers other fitness boot camps have the facility to take long term campers… team truly cater to their needs and requirements offering proven packages to tackle unhealthy eating habits and eating disorders and smashing barriers to exercise. you don’t have to be famished, fatigued and an emotional wreck to lose weight rapidly at uk boot camp. team bootcamp uk isn’t just a constant slog that starts at day 1 – even the military don’t train like that now! campers train smarter, not harder and have hard training days interspersed with rest and recovery day. basically, you are kept active, but your body has time to rest, recover and repair… and that’s where your fitness gains happen. imagine… waking up under your luxury duvet, refreshed after 9 hours sleep in a room optimized for rest to the smell of bacon under the grill. snacking on chocolate brownies, carrot cake for breakfast and a rack of ribs for dinner. never doing the same activity twice and ending the week feeling energized, with a renewed sense of direction and all the tools you require to succeed."
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