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Name: Assured Properties
Address: 250 York Road
Village: Battersea
Town: London
County: London
Postcode: SW11 3SJ
Fax: 020 3603 8333
Telephone: 020 7526 4555
About Us:  Assured Properties
Assured properties is a specialist property management company with decades of experience within the private, corporate and social housing sector. we manage over £60 million of property assets. whether you have one property or a whole block of flats. as a valued client you can be assured that your needs will be met by our experienced staff. at assured properties our focus is on continuous improvement. our experience in the property sector allows us to continuously develop our policies and procedures. this wealth of experience establishes assured properties as number one in housing and property management.
Todays Special Offers
Guaranteed rent no matter what:- if your property is empty or the tenant fails to pay on time (or at all) you will still get paid, in full, on a specific date each and every month. no need to chase tenants, or worry about having to cover the cost of rent arrears or empty periods. no fees or commission:- there are no charges for becoming a landlord or setting the contract up, no tenant introduction fees, no commissions and absolutely no “hidden extras” to pay.
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