Your Comments for Berkshire
Comment On Ascot
Great place - loads of shops and pubs!
Submitted by: Dave Ellis On 2008-03-18
Comment On Emmer Green
Have played footy up at Emmer Green park for about 12 years now- love it!
Submitted by: On 2008-01-29
Comment On Thatcham
Thatcham is a very nice little village with many different shops as i have found out in a recent survey done by none other than the queen
Submitted by: On 2006-03-27
Comment On Bracknell
Roundabout city! - recently developed town, home to many large and expanding hi-tech companies, usual bowling lane and leisure complex, large shopping centre with most of the large stores.
Submitted by: Shaun Edwards On 2006-02-20
Comment On Sandhurst
British army officer town
Submitted by: Anon On 2006-02-20
Comment On South Ascot
South Ascot was originally just a bog marsh outside the small village of Ascot, cheap land no one wanted. After it was drained, it the became the expensive area it is today. A small highstreet with the statutory pub and post office, a park and several housing estates.
Submitted by: Ian Hall On 2006-01-27
Comment On South Ascot
South Ascot has a vaired history dating back hundreds of years. A small high street with a few shops on it. The area is a short walk from Ascot and is probably the closest area to the station which is only a few minutes walk away from the center.
Submitted by: Adrian Sharley On 2006-01-27
Comment On Ascot
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Ascot is probably most famous for the racecourse, in particular the week of Royal Ascot which is attended by the royal family for 4 of the days. The course was started in 1711 by Queen Anne, who decided it would make an ideal place for racing horses due to its natural large flat clearing. Ascot has many of the main home county motorways, including the M4, M3, M40 and the M25 just a few minutes drive away and a train station which serves London Waterloo (50 minutes), Reading (20 Minutes) and Guildford (45 minutes). There is also a number of pubs, restaurants, health clubs, night clubs and many private schools near by.
Submitted by: Phil On 2006-01-16
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