Photographs of County Durham
Location: Town:  Barnard Castle
Comment: The early bird view of Barnard Castle
Submitted By: Cheeky
Date Submitted: 13-04-2006
Location: Town:  Barnard Castle
Comment: The old leads to the new
Submitted By: Cheeky
Date Submitted: 13-04-2006
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Comment On New Brancepeth
Submitted by
On 2009-03-30
my friend lives there and i think its a lovely place but nothing compared to the country of scotland
Comment On Evenwood
Submitted by
On 2007-12-06
Not much happens...
Comment On Tudhoe Village
Submitted by
On 2006-11-08
Tudhoe Villlage is a beautiful place with many historic buildings, unfortunately some new residents are planning to destroy this rich heritage and erect new buildings instead. Hundreds of years of history being destroyed by the mindless few in pursuit of a quick profit. Look at the mess opposite the Green Tree for a prime example, surely the planning department must take action against this wanton vandalism soon.
Comment On Consett
Submitted by
On 2006-04-09
Consett is a small Town in the Northwest of County Durham, The Town Centre has few shops & Facilities including leading names,It has few Sport & Swimming Facilities, Cinema, Theatre, Restaurants, Health Centres, Libraries, 60 Pubs & Nightclubs, and of course Friendly people.We are surrounded by a beautiful open countryside. come and visits us!!
Comment On Crook
Submitted by Anon
On 2006-02-23
I lived in crook for 18 years before moving back to liverpool where I was born I loved crook for the people and surroundings I love coming back.
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