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Location: Village:  Baillieston
Comment: Baillieston Main Street looking east taken by Robert Murray
Submitted By: Robert Murray
Date Submitted: 17-09-2006
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Comment On Stonehouse
Submitted by
On 2008-07-18
Stonehouse Heritage Group for historical census, graveyard and school records including school photographs
Comment On Lennoxtown
Submitted by
On 2007-06-19
Does anyone remember the Bolands??? The 4 daughters of Frank and Nan Boland??
Comment On Drymen
Submitted by Andrew Strachan
On 2007-03-26
Attractive village gateway to East Loch Lomond with traditional Village Green and a range of services. Drymen sits pleasantly on rising foothills overlooking the meanderings of Endrick Water as it nears the foot of Loch Lomond.
Comment On Baillieston
Submitted by
On 2006-09-17
The name Baillieston derives from a London merchant named John Baillie who purchased land in the area in 1732, he later named his property; 'Baillieston'. The later village [1795+] to the east of the lands of Baillieston in turn took its name from the estate.
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