Photographs of West Yorkshire
Location: Town:  Bradford
Submitted By:
Date Submitted: 22-04-2006
Location: Town:  Cleckheaton
Comment: A Fabulous Night Out at Anatolias Cleckheaton
Submitted By: Anatolias Restaurant Suzi Sol
Date Submitted: 29-11-2006
Location: Village:  Hemsworth
Comment: Head Office
Submitted By:
Date Submitted: 06-07-2007
Location: Village:  Kirkhamgate
Comment: Kirkhamgate Village Hall
Submitted By: Shaun Whelan
Date Submitted: 16-08-2007
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Comment On Fixby
Submitted by
On 2008-09-18
Trying to contact Ken and Marjorie Sloan In Fixby - can anyone help.
Comment On Kirk Smeaton
Submitted by
On 2008-02-28
Kirk Smeaton is actually part of North Yorkshire and is covered by Selby District Council. Amenities include a post office, pub, school, church and community centre. See the website for more details.
Comment On Fitzwilliam
Submitted by
On 2007-07-02
when was the hemsworth miner's welfare club built
Comment On Cleckheaton
Submitted by Anatolias Restaurant Suzi Solak
On 2006-11-29
A thriving and friendly town with excellent shops and the best Turkish Restaurant in West Yorkshire!
Comment On Huddersfield
Submitted by
On 2006-10-14
Huddersfield has excellent opportunities for business. It has its own Town Centre Partnership where businesses can come togethr to help promote the town and themselves for the good of the town. Meetings held once a fortnight at the George Hotel
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