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Comment On Blackheath
Company:  Tones Hair And Beauty
Blackheath is a beautiful, friendly village and although there is plenty of history there it is very trendy with a good selection of bars and resturants.
Submitted by: Tones Hair and beauty On 2009-02-22
Comment On Chelsea
Submitted by: On 2008-06-28
Comment On Gospel Oak
Gospel Oak is named from a oak tree. The tree would have been included in a customary ceremony
Submitted by: On 2008-01-02
Comment On Holborn
Company:  Private Investigator Alexander Moore & Associates
Holborn is the home to the oldest legal community in Britain. It was also home to the Knights Templar in the middle ages, an area truly steeped with history.
Submitted by: Alexander Moore On 2007-12-27
Comment On Kingsbury
Company:  Property Foyer
Kingsbury's seeming ordinariness belies an interesting history. Bronze age cremation remains have been found around the Welsh Harp Reservoir and Roman artefacts at various locations. The latter is unsurprising given that the nearby Watling Road in Edgware was a major north-south Roman road.
Submitted by: On 2007-09-25
Comment On Chiswick
Calling Chiswick residents, past and present, we are the owners of a public house in Chiswick, Acton Lane and we are attempting to source old photos of the area (Acton Lane, Turham Green) also any old photographs that are available of the public house. The Stag public house, Acton Lane. We would be grateful for any help.
Submitted by: On 2007-06-22
Comment On St Lukes
Home to the famous children's hospital
Submitted by: On 2006-11-22
Comment On City Of London
The city or the 'square mile' - London's financial district, one of the biggest in the World.
Submitted by: On 2006-11-22
Comment On Shepherds Bush
Busy area of london - home to the BBC
Submitted by: On 2006-11-22
Comment On Shepherds Bush
','from a mush in shepherd\'s bush'',
Submitted by: On 2006-11-22
Comment On Shepherds Bush
Only fools and horses quote.
Submitted by: On 2006-11-22
Comment On Shepherds Bush
'from a mush in Shepherd's bush'',only fools and horses tune
Submitted by: On 2006-11-22
Comment On Hackney
Hackney means Happy, Friendly, Multicultural, Peaceful, 24/7 Food shops, Galleries * Bars (especially in Shoreditch).
Submitted by: On 2006-09-22
Comment On Stamford Hill
I was born in the downstairs front room at 37 Wargrave Avenue on 11th November 1943. I went to school at Crowland Road Junior School until 1952 when my parents moved to Clacton-on-Sea in Essex. At the age of 9 years, I was allowed to go to the Spurs on my own paying, I believe 9d to get in. I am still an avid supporter. I also remember going to Saturday morning pictures at The ABC at the top of the hill. Sometimes I crossed over the High Road and went to The Regent (I think). My mother who was very religious took me to St Bartholomews Church every Sunday morning and I was the Boat Boy holding the container with incense inside. Food was wonderful in those days, there was a Jewish shop (Mr Baum I think) on the corner and I remember him rolling his sleeve up to supply wallies and rollmops from large barrels. I can still taste them. I still eat matzos as this was a Jewish area at the time. Something else I remember was walking up the hill and visiting Springfield Park alongside the River Lee. I also did a bit of fishing there but didn't catch much. I just happened to stumble over this site so was not prepared with info. I would be please to talk to anyone on the net who remembers Tottenham in the 40's and early 50's. Does anyone know me? My name is Tony Virgo and my website address is fay dot virgo "at"
Submitted by: On 2006-09-19
Comment On Greenwich
Company:  Uk Coast Guide
Greenwich, in southeast London, is a facinating area on the banks of the River Thames with a history which stretches back many centuries. In 1997 Greenwich achieved World Heritage Site status due to its royal, architectural, maritime and scientific associations. The area may be divided into three parts, all with their own character and history.The riverside area has strong maritime connections as the Royal Navy was based here for many years. The Cutty Sark, the famous tea clipper, is on display in a dry dock, adjacent to the river. The village area has many narrow, twisting streets with interesting shops and places to eat. Greenwich Park stretches back for three quarters of a mile from the river and provides a contrast to the bustle of the city and some great views from the highest point. The most impressive buildings are on the Old Royal Navy College site, which was originally built as a hospital for seafares. Much of this site is now occupied by the University of Greenwich. Just behind these buildings are The Queens House which was designed by Inigo Jones in 1616, and The National Maritime Museum which chonicles Britain's maritime history. A short walk into the park will bring you to the Royal Observatory which was built around 1675 for Charles II. The prime meridian, which divides the western and eastern hemispheres, runs through the Obsevatory and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is also set here. GMT is marked every day at one o'clock (1300 hours) by the dropping of a large red ball from the tower of the Observatory. Another, more modern building which is equally famous (infamous) is located in Greenwich - this is the Millenium Dome. Built at huge expense to mark the millenium the exhibition never lived up to the hype and the building closed after only a year. There are ambitious plans to re-open the site as a sports and music venue or possibly as the site of a new super casino.
Submitted by: David On 2006-09-18
Comment On Chiswick
Lovely area of London, still with a great community village feel. On the tube and train and only a short hop from central london. Loads of great shops, pubs and restaurants.
Submitted by: Joe Jackson On 2006-04-02
Comment On Clapham Park
clapham park estate or oaklands estate
Submitted by: Anon On 2006-02-26
Comment On Chelsea
Company:  The Saatchi Gallery
The Kensington or Chelsea borough, where the Saatchi Gallery is located, is West of central London and bounded on the south by the River Thames. Chelsea has a reputation as London's bohemian quarter and even now is a favorite spot for artists, painters, and galleries.
Submitted by: Kathryn Ortland On 2006-02-24
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