How to suggest a business, Classified ad, photo, event or comment for inclusion in the UK Web Index

To add a business listing :

If you want to include a business in the index - please note:

We only accept bricks and mortar businesses - we do not accept websites only.

If your business does not have public premises (such as a shop or an office) it will be turned down - we check all submissions for valid business addresses.

Use the website to navigate to the location your business is situated, if we are already listing it in the index then click the 'Your Business?' link next to its title and follow the instructions.

If your business is not listed then click on the 'Register' link at the bottom of each page to create an account.

When you have an account and are logged in, go to your home page and follow the instructions to get your business listed.

To create a classified advert, event, photograph or comment:

Simply create an account, go to your home page and click on the relevent section you require.

Any submission to the site will be checked and validated by hand to ensure it meets the guidelines listed in the 'terms of service' section.

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